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Meldung vom 30.05.2017 / Georg Gesek

Empathetic computers

In our promptly changing times, we might feel insecure. The call for security arises from our inside as a desire, which is nurtured by incidents like terrorist attacks, when we hear about them in the media.

"Can you proof, that you have feelings?" asked a scientist to a quantum computer in the movie "Transcendence" from 2014
The answer of the "machine" to the human was: "Can you proof, that you have feelings?".

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Meldung vom 16.05.2017 / Georg Gesek

Why this blog?

Many people on Earth already anticipate the fundamental change, we encounter within this, the 21st century of the mainstream calendar. But very few have a clear picture what the outcome will be, since there are so many dependencies and sentiments around. This blog shall be a guide through the time of change, based on the best efforts of knowledge - science...

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