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Your Gateway to Industry 4.0

At the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos 2017 the term Industry 4.0 has been defined more precisely and useful for the ongoing implementation of new technologies, as shown in the graph below.

Industry 4.0
WEF, Davos 2017

The concept of a Cyber Physical System includes various arising key-technologies, which make all the difference between the automated systems, we already know since the 1970s. These new groups of technologies namely are:

  •  Internet of Things
  •  Artificial Intelligence
  •  Advanced Big Data Analytics

All three concepts refer to a huge set of specific technologies, which are physically and logically linked together. But these links do not define Industry 4.0 as a whole. In the contrary the Term Industry 4.0 describes a result of the use of these technologies, not the technologies themselves.

What is the impact of Industry 4.0?

There are two major outcomes which both have tremendous disruptive impact on the existing verticals in every area of industries:

  • Cyber Physical Systems as the defining element within the production environments.
  • Products of the Industry 4.0 become Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) themselves.

What does one need in order to implement Industry 4.0, so called Cyber Physical Systems?

Apart from a huge pile of extremely sensitive sensors, heterogeneous wireless networks, new materials and all that fancy stuff, one needs the most powerful IT landscape in data centers one can get. Since the connection to these data centers has to be as fast and secure as possible, Cloud is not the one and only solution.

NOVARION took the challenge and developed the first Industry 4.0 standardized building blocks for all the high performing big data driven applications out there now and in future.

Very much surprisingly all Industry 4.0 use cases can be founded on just 3 different types of compute machines monsters as shown below…

compute platform
Industry 4.0 compute platform - NOVARION 2017

The NOVARION I4.0 standardized I4.0 platform contributes a significant step forward to the ability of an organization to leverage on the new technologies mentioned above. Furthermore the platform is designed to be implemented with the latest technologies available today as well as into the future up to quantum computing powered by NOVARION!

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